Bodysuits Are Big, Repeat 1972-73!!!!

If you were a young person in 1972-73, then you might have had a bodysuit! I had a white stretch lacy long sleeve that I wore with my flared jeans that had little red stars embroidered on them! I loved it and wore it with a long velvet Maxi also at Christmas. The one downside for me at the time was, I was tall, 5′ 10 1/2′, and lengthwise it was hard to find them long enough. Lucky for us now, I have already seen some online for Tall!
Why not take a look online and see what you might want to pair with that cute Demin skirt, new pair of long jean shorts or if you are going to be adventurous, maybe a new pair of flares??   Spring/Summer 2016 is coming soon.  I’ll be looking with you.

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