Winter Blues Become Springtime Hues

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Blue is back. Navy is great. Dress it anyway you want. Blue is calming. Blue is cheery.

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60 degrees here today when I went towards Boise. Next time I will show you my new finds from the trip.


BELTS!! Which Loop are you on?

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2016 Belt Loop Style

If you chose to wear a belt, it is important not only where you wear the belt on your body shape, but how it looks on the garment itself. If you do not have a true waistline and have an apple shape, then wearing a belt higher or lower will distract from a thick middle. If you are fortunate to have a pear shaped body and have a real waist, then you can certainly wear your belt on the true waist of a dress or tunic.

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Latest Project for Spring

Each Season I get excited about either redoing something old, adding a new twist to something used, or buying something new to add to what I call my “On the Hanger” wardrobe. While, I have trouble saying good-bye sometimes to older fashions, I seem to find uses for most of them eventually!! I found this purse for 99 cents, cleaned it up, painted it and made a tassel out of denim/indigo. Navy is big again and I am so happy! Loved to wear Navy when I was very young and now I am anticipating that thrill again. I hope you will enjoy the 2016 Year of Navy and all the different color accessories yourself!

Bodysuits Are Big, Repeat 1972-73!!!!

If you were a young person in 1972-73, then you might have had a bodysuit! I had a white stretch lacy long sleeve that I wore with my flared jeans that had little red stars embroidered on them! I loved it and wore it with a long velvet Maxi also at Christmas. The one downside for me at the time was, I was tall, 5′ 10 1/2′, and lengthwise it was hard to find them long enough. Lucky for us now, I have already seen some online for Tall!
Why not take a look online and see what you might want to pair with that cute Demin skirt, new pair of long jean shorts or if you are going to be adventurous, maybe a new pair of flares??   Spring/Summer 2016 is coming soon.  I’ll be looking with you.


Where’s the Denim? Surely you must have a denim dress, skirt, blouse, shirt, purse or something you’ve kept from a few years back or even another decade! I like classic, so I pick up different selections with makeover ideas when I browse sales, used clothing stores and hang out at the clearance rack.

For instance, several years ago, I picked up a Liz Claiborne long blue denim dress with pockets and wore a few times with and without a belt or scarf. Of course, it is almost a Maxi length. so I figured I would eventually alter the length.  And YES!  This year’s Midi, Minis and classic knee lengths gives a 64 year old lots of choices!

You probably acquired a jacket over the last 10 ten years, so you right now you can focus on that dress, skirt or purse!